Compact and versatile - Compact fluorescent lamps

The name suggests it: These are compact fluorescent lamps. Due to its shortened design, however, it can be used more flexibly.

Compared to conventional incandescent and halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps with an integrated ballast are more energy-saving, which is why they are also called “energy-saving lamps.” You can save up to 75% of energy. The compact fluorescent lamps are available in different light colours: Light bulb-like light (827), warm white (830), neutral white (840) to daylight (865). Thus, they ensure the right colour mood in all situations of life.

These lamps are always operated with a ballast: eletronic (ECG) or conventional (CB). For some types, this is already integrated into the housing or it is located in the luminaire in which the bulb is inserted. Compact fluorescent lamps without integrated ballast are dimmable with a suitable ECG.

CFL are characterized by a large product family

There are different sockets for compact fluorescent lamps. They are single-sided sockets with two (2P) or four (4P) pins. We offer you a wide selection of products from the renowned manufacturers OSRAM (Dulux) and Philips (Master PL) in our shop. From a technical point of view, the identical versions of the manufacturers are also interchangeable. For example, an Osram Dulux D 2P 10W can be replaced with the Philips PL-C 2P 10W and vice versa.

But what do cryptic socket names like G24d-1 mean and how do I find out which one I need? If you take a closer look at the base of a compact fluorescent lamp, you will see 2 pins (for 2P) or 4 pins (for 4P) at the bottom of the base. Above it is a small elevation, the “code nose.” This nose can be center (G24d-1), left (G24d-2) or right (G24d-3). This appropriate elevation is important for the correct fit in the luminaire.

Your bulb is broken and needs to be replaced?

A tip when replacing your old bulb : When replacing, pay attention to both the wattage and the base of the bulb. A 2 pin compact fluorescent lamp does not fit into a 4P socket and vice versa. The larger the wattage, the longer the bulb usually becomes. If you prefer warm white light, you should use the light colour 827 or 830. If you prefer a cooler light, try the 840 or 865 variants. If you want to replace an existing bulb, just pay attention to the manufacturer’s name on the base of the bulb. There you will find the information you need.

If you have any questions or need help in choosing the right light, please contact us. We are happy to assist you and advise you!

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