Discharge lamps

We offer you a wide range of discharge lamps at an attractive price-performance ratio.
Discover products from many manufacturers such as Osram, Philips, Sylvania or GE and others with us.

Buy low pressure and high pressure discharge lamps at MULTI-LITE

The discharge vessel of discharge lamps is made of either quartz glass or aluminium oxide ceramic and contains metals (e. g. mercury), halogens and various gases (neon, xenon, krypton).

Discharge lamps produce their light by ionizing the gases and metal vapours in the discharge vessel. For this purpose, discharge lamps need an igniting element as well as a ballast. Since the lamps cannot be connected to the normal power supply (230V), they require a ballast to limit the current flowing through.

Long-lasting and with a high light output

There are two types of discharge lamps: high-pressure and low-pressure discharge lamps. The operating pressure in the lamp is therefore either high or low.

They all have a very high luminous flux, provide a high quality of light and are extremely durable with an average of 30,000h. High-pressure discharge lamps are particularly in demand in the industrial sector, as they are used there for street lighting due to their high light output or in workshops and production facilities, sports facilities or because of their partly excellent colour rendering (Ra 95) in stage lighting. We offer halogen metal vapor lamps (HID) in our shop, which are very powerful.

Low-pressure discharge lamps are used for general use or in a wide variety of areas. For example, fluorescent lamps or compact fluorescent lamps are used in the home and office. We offer these two product families in a separate category at MULTI-LITE.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions before use

For certain discharge lamps, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and be sure to take adequate safety precautions to avoid contact with harmful radiation.

Our tip: Have a specialist install the desired light source so that you can use it safely.

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