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New products


Osram HMI Digital: Extremly bright light!
HMI DIGITAL’s line of single-ended metal halide lamps offers extremely bright light (of up to 100 lumens per watt), a color temperature that approximates daylight (6000 K), and a high color rendering index (90).

Details & products:

  • Suited for both analog and digital film production
  • Up to 99.9% less UV emissions thanks to UV-Stop (UVS
  • Color temperature of 6000 K (daylight)
  • High color rendering index of 90+, exposing true-to-life color
  • Extremely bright light of up to 100 lumens/watt
  • Dimmable
  • Hot restart capability
  • Improved stability and design
  • Robust stems, resulting in less breakage during transport
  • Round moly-foil construction that evenly distributes heat and current extends for lamp longevity (6000-18000 W)
  • Splash-proof carrying case is re-usable and allows lamps to be transported safely (6000-18000 W)
  • Areas of application: Film, theatre and TV lighting

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

GE LED Glass GEN2: When LED meets traditional light
GE Lighting introduces a brand new 100% glass LED light bulb. The matt glass produces a pleasant, warm white light. Available with E27 and B22 base.

Details & products:

  • Smooth light distribution
  • Beam angle 355°
  • Available in 3 color temperatures: 2,700K, 4,000K and 6,500K
  • 4.5W and 8W replace 40W and 60W
  • Rated life: 10,000 hours (L70)
  • 100% retro-fit
  • Aesthetic design
  • Areas of application: restaurants, hotels, household

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

LED Eco Snowcone: A fantastic energy-saving alternative
A new shape and a wider range of highly competitive LED GLS products. Consuming only 5W, 7W, 10W, 11W and 16W , they are a fantastic energy saving alternative to traditional GLS lamps with new, high quality aesthetics.

Details & products:

  • 10.000 hours life time L70
  • Colour temperatures from 2700K and 6500K
  • Smooth light distribution
  • Beam angle 160°
  • A+ Energy Class
  • 100% retro-fit
  • Application areas: Hospitality, Household

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

GE LED Bright Stik GEN3: The new generation
LED Bright Stik illuminates spaces with light instantly. Its sleek cylindrical shape fits in place of a traditional incandescent bulb and some sockets where a traditional bulb or CFL doesn’t fit. Replace a 40W, 60W, 75W & 100W incandescent with an LED Bright Stik.

Details & products:

  • LED technology for energy saving
  • Redesigned shape with multiple advantages
  • To fit in more fixtures compared to CFL
  • Optimised for omni-directional light distribution
  • Space-saving benefits on-shelf
  • 240 degree Beam angle
  • Replaces a standard 40W, 60W, 75W & 100W bulb
  • Rated life of 15 years
  • 3 colour options - 3000K, 4000K & 6500K
  • Always ready - instant brightness
  • No mercury - worry-free use and disposal
  • Application areas: Retail, Hospitality, Home

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

GE LED Energy Smart Dimmable: The new OMNI dimmable
GE’s LED retrofit lamps offer great possibility to replace incandescent, compact fluorescent or halogen lamps with a 2700K Extra Warm White LED lamp with wide light distribution (240°) for general lighting. GE LEDs are very economical and environmentally friendly: they are mercury free, use far less energy than halogen or incandescent lights, and last longer. They fit into everyday light fittings and the light comes on the instant you flick the switch.

Details & products:

  • Add the 100W replacement in the range
  • 100% retro-fit
  • Colour temperatures: 2700K
  • New bulb shapewith more optic and less heatsink
  • A+ Energy Class
  • Immediately full luminosity in extra warm white
  • Application areas: Retail, Hospitality, Office, Home

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

GE LED PAR56 Swimming Pool Lampe: 95% energy savings!
GE's new launch in the PAR56 range brings a perfect replacement for the 300W halogen PAR56 solution. With high lumen (1500lm), wide beam angle (90°) and a long life time (25000 hrs), this solution effectively replaces the halogen PAR56 and provides significant (approx 95%) energy savings.

Details & products:

  • Glass housing 100% retrofit of PAR Halogen
  • A+ Energy Class
  • 1500 total lumens
  • 25,000 Life hours at L70
  • Available in 6500K
  • Beam Angle - 90°
  • Suitable for wet location (IP68)
  • Retrofit 12V Screw type terminal
  • Color Rendering Index 70
  • Input Voltage: 12V

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

GE LED Filament Heliax: Aesthetics for the highest demands
The LED Filament Heliax is the brand new product range of GE Lighting that is developed using the new LED filament technology: the flexible filament. Designed with a spiral and installed in nice decorative shapes, this new range offers high quality, high value and high aesthetic of light and creates a designed atmosphere.

Details & products:

  • 4 bases: E14/E27/B22/B22d
  • Bulb Finish: Gold/Clear
  • Colour temperatures: 2000K
  • Lumen: 125-300
  • A Energy Class
  • Nominal beam angle: 310°
  • Application areas: Retail, Hospitality, Restaurants, Bars, design shops, Lighting designers, Interior architects, Home

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

Philips MASTERColour CDM MW Eco: Energy saving retrofitting
Ceramic metal halide lamps with clear tubular or coated ellipsoid outer bulb, tailor-made to replace and outperform quartz metal halide lamps on existing gear.

Details & products:

  • Direct retrofit for various quartz metal halide lamps, operates on existing control gear (mercury and HPS)
  • Lowest total cost of ownership when relamping due to energy savings and long service life as a result of high lumen maintenance
  • Proven Philips ceramic technology (CDM) offering
  • High efficacy for energy savings and more initial light
  • Excellent lumen maintenance resulting in long service life
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Application areas: Sports lighting, floodlighting, area lighting, High-bay lighting, exhibition halls, shopping malls, churches, airports, train stations)

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

Philips CorePro LEDLinear R7S: Very high light output
CorePro R7S is a retrofit replacement for traditional double-ended linear R7S lamps. Its ‘light all around’ design delivers light just like a halogen lamp. The deep dimming function enables a cozy ambience when using a dimmable fixture.

Details & products:

  • Up to 90% energy saving compared to standard halogen lamps
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Highly focused beam for a clearly defined beam spread
  • Easy retrofit
  • Operates at 220-240V AC
  • Lifetime of 15,000 hours (B50L70)
  • UV- and IR-free light
  • Free of mercury and hazardous materials
  • Application areas: Living rooms, corridors, outdoor luminaires (security lighting), free floor-standing indoor luminaires, construction lighting

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

Philips MSD Platinum 200 Flex: The flexible solution for your fixture
The new Platinum Flex lamp is designed with flexible options, enabling more functionalities for your fixture. The deep dimming option of the lamp – used when the shutter of the fixture is closed – makes it possible to have an extreme long lifetime and energy savings of 30 to 45%. The flexibility of the power levels makes it possible to have a real linear dimming effect from a beam moving head.

Details & products:

  • Extremely long lifetime, reduced power consumption by 30-45%
  • Enhanced lumen output in different colors, more color combinations and color corrections
  • Real linear dimming effect
  • Very short arc
  • High beam intensity
  • Freedom to create smaller and lighter fixtures
  • High perceived brightness
  • High correlated color temperature
  • Philips Platinum technology

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.

Philips TrueForce LED HPI Highbay E40: LED replacement in Highbay application
TrueForce LED Industrial and Retail lamps gives a quick and easy paybacksolution to replace HID lamps in Highbay application.The solution gives you the LED benefits of energy-efficiency and long-lifetime, plus they come for a low initial investment.With unique lamp design and compatibility, you can directly retrofit HID lamps with TrueForce LED lamps without changing the fixtures or gear. Multiple beam angle options and high colour rendering index enhance the lighting distribution while creating a comfortable, safe and high productivity environment.

Details & products:

  • Instant upgrade and easy to install - less time consuming and safer working at height
  • Extended energy savings of 65% vs. existing conventional systems
  • Direct lamp replacement solution without changing the fixture or gear
  • High energy efficiency with directional light
  • Long lifetime 50,000hrs for operation efficiency
  • Crispy white light 4000K, CRI80 for better visual colour
  • Areas of application: Industrial (factories, warehouses, distribution centres), Retail (hyper markets, shopping malls, Others (transportation hubs, convention centres, sport/city halls)

Download here the data sheet of the product family: Data sheet.


Industry news


Here you can read all about what's driving the lighting industry – from discontinued designs to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Discontinued_ERP_Halogen lamps
Advance notice: Phasing out of halogen lamps
here will soon be a new stage of the ErP directive. On 1 September 2018, the sixth stage of the EU directive 244/2009 will come into force, thus banning specific inefficient household lamps with non-directional light within the European Union. This also affects various halogen lamps! Yet a number of LED lamps can be used as direct replacements. These may be more expensive to buy than comparable halogen lamps, but pay for themselves through significantly lower energy consumption, not to mention a considerably longer service life. Nevertheless, virtually all types of LED are incompatible with DC voltage and vary in their dimming behaviour, so it’s worth stocking up on halogen lamps!
The characteristics of the affected lamps are as follows:
  • They emit non-directional light.
  • Areas of application: general lighting in particular, mood lighting, entrance lighting.
  • The bulbs are made of glass.
  • Most of the lamps affected have a screw fitting (E27 or E14 fitting).
  • The lamps do not need a transformer.
We will be publishing a separate newsletter for you, outlining the types of lamp that will be outlawed from 1 September 2018 and the alternatives to them. Since manufacturers and traders are permitted to continue to sell their stocks, you are welcome to stock up with us – thanks to our huge warehouse, we are still able to offer you plenty of halogen lamps in large quantities.
Do you need advice about changing over? Contact us, we’ll be happy to help you!
Product portfolio changes at Philips in March
Philips Lighting again phased out a few products at the end of March – some of these with replacements.
It was announced some time ago – now certain lamps from Philips’ well-known, conventional product portfolio are finally being discontinued. For many of these there is a suitable LED alternative, but it’s the end of the line for a few..

We can still supply you with the discontinued types while stocks last, of course, and naturally we also have the new LED alternatives in our range – we’ll be happy to advise you!

The lamps that are being discontinued without alternatives are:

Fluorescent lamps:
  • MASTER TL5 HE Secura 14W/840 UNP/40 (8711500954763)
  • MASTER TL5 HE Secura 28W/840 UNP/40 (8711500952158)
  • MASTER TL5 HE Secura 35W/840 UNP/40 (8711500952196)

We can have lamps treated with a splitter-proof coating for you!

Special lamps:
  • 13096 ELH 300W GY5.3 120V 1CT/24 (8711500410573)

Moreover, as of 1 April 2018, the following discontinued lamps will only be offered in the alternative LED versions by the manufacturer:
Discontinued types and matching LED replacement


LEE Filters stops production of HT films
Some of you will no doubt have heard: LEE Filters is currently having serious supply problems with the base material polycarbonate, meaning the HT range of films is being discontinued until further notice.

Since our stocks are also dwindling slowly but surely, we would advise you to stock up as quickly as possible.

Here you can find an overview of the remaining stocks of HT films still available.
Once again, Osram will be on board at the Eurovision Song Contest
Osram is the official lighting partner for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Lisbon. For the fourth year in succession Osram will be supporting this mega event.

Over 800 entertainment lights from Osram in use
This year's ESC motto of the light manufacturer is "Leading Lights". At the ESC 2018, more than 750 Moving Lights by Claypaky, together with about 50 Static Lights by ADB, put the artists in the limelight. One highlight is the Axcor Profile 900, which is making its official debut in Lisbon. Claypaky's LED-based Profile Spot is the most advanced on the market. Its powerful 880 watts pure white LED light engine reaches 46,000 lumens. In addition, more than 300 products from the Scenius family will be used on the ESC stage. They are all equipped with highly efficient 1,400 Watt Osram lamps. The ESC participants will also be illuminated by Claypaky's Hepikos, a "Beam" and "Wash" hybrid light with an Osram HRI Sirius 440 Watt lamp, as well as the new ADB Klemantis, an asymmetrical Cyclorama light, which is based on a six-color LED Module.

For more information go here

Source: Osram / Photos: © Osram

Osram_Song Contest_ESC_2018

Ten years of Osram Lok-it
After the Sirius HRI range celebrated its fifth birthday last year, this year the Lok-it brand is going one better: the bestseller has now been on the market for ten years! Of course, we offer our sincere congratulations, and to celebrate we take a look at this product family.

Lok-it! Power combines proven high-performance lamp technology with innovative features for use in the entertainment industry. With its high colour rendering index of 95, these lamps generate a light that is very close to natural daylight, allowing everything they illuminate to appear in natural colour tones. Thanks to their recent technical facelift, they are now even more efficient.

At this year’s Prolight + Sound, a new member of the family was on show: the Lok-it 2000/PS Blue. This is used in spotlights, enhancing their brightness intensity with its high colour temperature of 7,500k.

Here it go´s to the products and here to the video
Is my lamp genuine?
Osram has developed a new control tool in the fight against product piracy und black market trade.Osram monitors all quality and performance aspects of its products carefully as possible, because only an original Osram product performs like an Osram original
To check if you´ve purchased a genuine Osram Sirius HRI lamp, simply enter the unique serial code which you can find on the label on the reflector of the lamp, for example 4305K04LR4F.

To online Trust Tool: Trust Tool


Plan your requirements now …!
Philips will stop producing all SOX lamps as well as all of the associated operating devices in the product range. Phillips will however continue to fulfil production orders that are received by a specific date in 2018 and 2019.

We therefore recommend you check your requirements for the coming years as a matter of urgency to ensure you have sufficient stock. We would be happy to assist you with this, so that you can plan your orders in good time. We will of course also place your orders for you directly with Philips.
To ensure you have sufficient stock, we kindly ask you to calculate your requirements for SOX products in large orders or prepare your tenders by 31 December 2018 zu kalkulieren. Smaller orders may only be submitted up until 31. May, 2019.
Please remember: subsequent or unexpected requirements at some time after these deadlines, when there is no remaining stock, or production capacities have been reduced, can no longer be handled.
Products for all orders received by us and confirmed by Philips by the above-mentioned dates will be produced and delivered before the end of the availability period (2020). Orders received during this year will be delivered between 2019-2020.

Here you´ll find the form for all SOX lamps and SOX operating devices.

Please save the form on your PC and open it from there. You will then be able to fill it in quickly and simply with the integrated order button and send it directly to us by e-mail.
Change of name: Philips Lighting becomes Signify
Philips Lighting will soon be Signify. The change of name follows the spin-off of Royal Philips.

The new name should underline that light becomes an "intelligent language" that can "connect" and "convey messages". Under the existing license agreement with the former parent company Royal Philips, the Philips brand for the products of Philips Lighting but to remain.

With the new company name, the company meets the contractual requirements under the company name licensing agreement with Royal Philips, which requires a change of name within 18 months following the submission of the majority stake previously held by Royal Philips.

Click here to press report from Philips


Sales and offers


Irresistible offers!
Save bare money with our Philips LED promotion! Whether you want to buy Classic LEDBulbs, CorePro LEDbulbs or MASTER LEDspots and MASTER LEDtubes and much more - everything you wish for is covered.

Catalogues & Brochures


For all those who would like to browse the latest product catalogues, we have compiled a small summary of
the latest issue here.

An overview of the new catalogs can be found here
GE Outdoor Products 2018
Date: Q1 2018
GE Traditional Products 2018
Date: Q1 2018

Project Eye-Catcher


Philips illuminates longest container quay in Bremerhaven with 1,600 ClearFlood LED Floodlights
In Bremerhaven (Germany), EUROGATE not only operates the longest container quay in Europe - with its location directly at the North Sea it also has a preferred location. The world's largest container ships regularly visit the port. Currently around six million standard containers are handled here each year - which requires sustainability in all operating areas.

One measure to keep and ensure this sustainability was the new led illumination of the wharfage. In doing so a massive reduction of the energy consumption and CO2 emissions was as well an aim to achieve as to maintain the best possible visual comfort for the employees. Even as important was to avoid flashing the drivers sitting in transport vehicles at a height of 14 meters. To achieve that the light had to be directed and channeled exactly. Therefore, the choice fell on the LED floodlight “ClearFlood”.

ClearFlood floodlight systems are applicable for almost every operation thanks to their luminous flux range. Up-to-date led technology combined with efficient and high quality optics enable best possible light distribution and a high flexibility for every application. In addition the ClearFlood floodlight can be connected to various external controllers through its different interfaces, including DALI.

The aim was to illuminate an area of around three million square meters not only sustainably but also evenly and without glare. To achieve this goal 2,000 old luminares - each equipped with two high-pressure sodium lamps and a system output of 880 watts - needed to be replaced by state-of-the-art led floodlights. In autumn 2017 1,600 ClearFlood LED floodlights were installed on the factory premises. The ClearFlood LED floodlights come with a system power of only 440 watts each but they ensure a bright, uniform and true-to-colour illumination of the whole premises.

Furthermore, the LED floodlights provide energy savings up to 50 percent. This correlates to a CO2 emission reduction of around 100 tons each year.

Source: Philips Lighting / Photos: ©Philips Lighting
You can dowload the data sheet of the product family here

Would you like to illuminate your spaces optimally and efficiently? Talk to us, we are happy to advise you!




Inside Multi-Lite and our employees


Introducing Aleksandra Bobrowski
Hello, my name is Aleksandra Bobrowski and I have been part of the Multi-Lite family since April 2017.

During my training in forwarding, I found that I was really fascinated by transportation and everything that relates to it – and thus began my journey into logistics.

My main tasks include creating and requesting all the documents required for export, transport and import into the relevant country. The creation of Export Accompanying Documents, certificates of origin and supplier declarations are as much a part of this as the comparison of transportation costs, the optimisation of transport routes, and communication with chambers of commerce and customs authorities. As you can see, work in the area of logistics is very varied, which is what makes it so exciting for me and ensures that I’m happy to come into the office every morning. The close collaboration with colleagues from the sales and export departments and the continual exchange with the warehouse mean we maintain very good relationships, so I’m working with people who are not just colleagues, but also friends. The positive atmosphere and the freedom to make certain decisions ourselves are things I really appreciate. I feel very much at home at Multi-Lite!
Aleksandra Bobrowski - Logistics-
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