With true-to-life colour rendering and excellent brightness

Halogen lamps reproduces colours almost true to nature, since the colour rendering value is up to Ra=100, which corresponds to that of natural daylight. The lamps shine almost immediately 100% without start-up time and without faults.

The tungsten wire in the bulb is heated by the current flow, causing the bulb to produce a warm white light. However, it releases heat to the environment. The halogen lamp is therefore also referred to as a true “temperature emitter.” A halogen lamp in use can reach up to 250°C, which is why you should be careful when installing it not near flammable materials.

Wide selection thanks to various forms of appearance

Halogen lamps are available as low-voltage or high-voltage versions. A low-voltage lamp is operated with 12-50 volts. For these voltages transformers are necessary when operating at 230V mains voltage.

Halogen lamps can be dimmed easily; However, the choice of dimmer should be taken into account in order not to affect the lifetime of the lamp. So choose a compatible dimmer for your bulb.

Some types are already in phase-out

Another great advantage of halogen lamps is that they do not contain mercury.

Just like their predecessor, the incandescent lamp, various halogen lamps are gradually being withdrawn from the market because they have low energy efficiency and there are now more energy-efficient alternatives, such as LED. Many products are already on the market and some types are no longer allowed to be marketed in the EU. An exception here are special lamps for the SSTV – Stage Studio Television area, i. e. for the stage lighting area.

However, we at MULTI-LITE offer you a comprehensive range of halogen lamps as long as they are still available. Discover the wide variety of halogen lamps in our new online shop for private customers!
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