Enjoy the wide range of LED lamps

LEDs (= Light-emitting diodes) use small electrical chips made up of semiconductor connections that glow when electricity flows through them. LEDs radiate the light in a dot-shaped manner and are versatile due to their very small design. That’s why the light sources are so popular. LED technology is constantly evolving and is now at a very high level, so it is often worthwhile to replace it.

The product family of LEDs is huge: From modern to refrofit, to stripes, to panels – they are available with a wide selection of bulbs and luminaires. The appearance can be in the classic Edison style, but also more unusual than teapot or star. Therefore, the fields of application are particularly diverse. Whether in your own home, in the office, in the restaurant, in the retail trade, in workshops, for street lighting, in the club – LEDs can be used almost anywhere. They always provide the perfect ambience. In our shop you will find LED lamps from high-quality manufacturers such as Philips or Osram. You are guaranteed to find a bulb that is perfect for your needs.

The efficient alternative to halogen and incandescent lamps

Compared to an incandescent or halogen lamp, LEDs save up to 80% on energy, so they are true energy savers. You can now replace a 100W incandescent lamp with a 10W LED variant. In addition to the wattage, the luminous flux in lumens is crucial for the replacement, because this indicates how bright the bulb shines. A 10W LED lights up about as bright as the conventional 100W lamp (1200 lm). In addition, the LED is directly bright when switched on and requires no warm-up time like a fluorescent lamp.

LED lamps have many advantages. In addition to the very low energy consumption, the long service life is also crucial. While a halogen lamp lives on average 10,000 hours, LED bulbs can last up to 35,000 hours. Over the course of their lifetime, LED lamps lose up to 30% of their luminosity (degradation), but first-class LEDs lose only a maximum of 10% of their luminosity over the years. The technology is constantly changing.

Provide for a beautiful ambience – dimmed or at full luminosity

LEDs are vibration and shock resistant. They are available in different colour temperatures to provide the right illumination in every mood. From warm white to daylight white everything is covered. In some cases, every light color is offered in a product – even dimmable.

Dimmed light can quickly create a perfect lighting mood, whether at work or at home while reading. However, not all LED lamps are dimmable. On the packaging of the lamp it is always marked whether it can be dimmed: “DIM. ” For dimming, however, a compatible dimmer is necessary, otherwise faults (flickering) occur, which can affect the lifetime of the light source.

LEDs require a driver to function properly. In LED luminaires, such a driver is already integrated in the luminaire. When replacing a conventional light source, it must still be purchased separately. Normally, LED lamps are flicker-free; If the light should flicker, then you should check your driver and dimmer or get advice from a specialist.

Important for a long life of an LED is its efficient cooling, which is why high-watt lamps have correspondingly sized heat sinks. LED lamps in applications with high ambient temperatures, such as ovens and saunas, do not last long because they lack the necessary cooling.

Do you have questions about the products offered or need help choosing the right LED light source? We will be happy to help you, send us an e-mail or give us a call!
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