Accessories for luminaires and lamps

A distinction is made between two types of ballast: conventional and electronic ballasts.

When buying a conventional ballast (CB), make sure that it is usually operated with an external starter. With electronic ballasts (ECG), you do not need an external starter, as the ECG also takes over the function of the ignition device.

LED lamps also require an operating device, only this is called an "LED driver". Did you know that flickering is not normal with LED lamps? As a rule, they are known for flicker-free operation. So if your LED light should flicker or fail completely, you should check a possibly installed dimmer for suitability and then choose a suitable dimmer especially for LED. This is because many LED lamps do not reach the so-called minimum load required for some conventional transformers or dimmers, which can result in flickering.

In contrast to LEDs, flickering is normal when fluorescent lamps are operated with a conventional ballast when switched on. This is because the lamp may require several ignition starts. This is where an electronic starter helps. Electronic VG ignite in contrast to the conventional flicker-free.

Other equipment and accessories at MULTI-LITE

In addition to control gear tailored directly to your light source, we at MULTI-LITE also sell other accessories. Among other things, you will find devices for air disinfection in our assortment. They come in a wide variety of designs: for the wall or ceiling or also mobile for on the way. In all cases, they reliably clean the ambient air of bacteria, germs and fungi. Particularly during the Corona pandemic, the demand for such devices has increased, as they can also neutralize the SARS-CoV virus. Now you, as an end consumer, can protect yourself at home or on the road in the car. Discover products of the renowned manufacturer OSRAM with us.

If you have any questions about the products on offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to be there for you!
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