Fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps are gas discharge lamps, more precisely mercury vapour low pressure lamps.
They can be found in different fields of application: in the office, in public buildings, in the home, in schools, hospitals
or even in halls. Due to their – depending on the type – very good color rendering (up to Ra >90) they are also available from supermarkets,
Department stores and doctor’s surgeries are indispensable.

Longevity and efficiency

Fluorescent lamps are available in different versions: as T5, T8, T12, compact fluorescent lamp with or without integrated ballast.

The gas mixture in the lamp is ionized by an external voltage pulse, so that an electric discharge is triggered. This discharge radiates in the UV range which is hardly visible to the human eye, but which in turn can be used e. g. for sterilization purposes. Only the light layer slurred inside the lamp converts this UV radiation into visible light of different light colours. A ballast is required for operation. There are conventional (CB/VVG) or electronic ballasts (EVG) to choose from. A lamp operated on a CB/VVG also needs an external starter for ignition; when operating the lamp on an ECG, it also takes over the function of the starter.

Convincing light quality at a small price

You can find the classics among fluorescent lamps in our shop: T5 and T8. We offer you products from well-known manufacturers such as Osram or Philips.

T5 fluorescent lamps cover a wide range of performance: 4-80W. They are among the medium-sized fluorescent lamps with lengths between 136 and 1500 mm and a diameter of 16 mm. For the connection of the T5 lamp you need a G5 socket. The next thicker variant is called T8. They are available in lengths between 330 – 1. 770mm and a diameter of 26mm. It can have an output of 10 to 70W. For commissioning this variant you need a G13 socket.

Both types have a very good average service life of up to 30,000 hours. Fluorescent lamps are part of the discharge lamps, so they always contain a small amount (a few milligrams) of mercury. Therefore, do not dispose of it in the household waste, but separately.

We offer you a wide selection

We offer in our shop a large selection of different fluorescent lamps from well-known manufacturers such as Osram, Philips, Tungsram or Sylvania.

If you need help choosing the right light source, please contact us!

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